15 December 2013

Two Gay Men Beaten To Death With Lumps Of Wood

22 October 2013

Celebrating my 29th Birthday

Yesterday, October 21st, I celebrated my 29th birthday, again.

It's a birthday I've celebrated before, and one that I will continue to celebrate, because I'm not done.

I've been thinking a lot this year about why I celebrate my 29th birthday, instead of my actual age. Most people -- most of my friends, included -- probably think it's because I'm vain. As a gay man, I can't age into my 30s. But that's only a part -- a very small part -- of it.

The year of my actual 29th birthday was the year of my automobile accident -- the one and only. The one that changed my life. The one that put me into a living coma, out of which I'm continuing to emerge.

That year, I survived a fatal automobile accident in Montauk. I shouldn't have survived and were it not for a good samaritan who pulled over when he saw my car go off the road, I wouldn't have survived.

I spent most of that year in hospital (including my birthday), both for my physical and mental health issues. The accident kick-started my Depression and dysthymia into high gear. I'd been suffering from both, in silence, and unbeknownst to me.

That year, my grandmother -- my surrogate mother who raised me since I was a toddler -- died, while I was in hospital. My last words to her were not kind; she was in a nursing home recovering from a slip & fall incident, and I did not agree with the facility where she was placed (King Street Nursing Home), as I considered them to be incompetent and inept, to be kind.

After my grandmother's departure from this Good Earth, my grandfather was diagnosed with melanoma. My father got married and didn't tell me. My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, for the first time. My grandfather was hospitalized with pneumonia. A friend hung herself in hospital and I was there when they discovered her body, jerking uncontrollably. Hospital Staff then tried to blame me for helping my friend commit suicide, despite my being in a wheelchair and being hospitalized for depression and suicide myself.

I discovered the failings of our medical professions, both with respect physical and mental health. I asked for bereavement counseling after the accident, after my grandmother passed, and after my friend took her life. I never received it.

I went from being affluent to having nothing. $250,000 in savings (including retirement) wiped out by medical bills. Years later, I would lose what little I was able to retain and be forced onto the streets and, at one point, left with virtually only the clothes on my back. But I digress....

I never had a chance to heal from the machine-gun emotional trauma I experienced that year.

The last man I ever loved also left this earth around the same time my grandmother passed on and transformed her energy, although I didn't find out about it until a few years later.

The year of my 29th birthday, I spent the entire day crying, in tears. And no one could understand why. The medical professionals attending to my mental health care didn't have the time to talk with me, to help me understand what was going on in my life--to help me adjust to the limitations that were placed upon me, both physically and psychologically.

I needed to be in a place where I was insulated, protected from the harsh realities of life. But they soon threw me out of there, declaring that my desire to end my life wasn't serious. It was; I was just so doped up on painkillers, I couldn't work out the plans correctly. And if I weren't doped up on all the painkillers, I would have been screaming in agony from the physical pains as my body did its best to mend itself and, in the process, regain the 100+ pounds I'd lost at university.

And so, I celebrated my 29th birthday (my real one) in tears of agonizing pain--deep, profound, agonizing physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual pain.

I still feel like I'm turning 29.

And I will continue to celebrate my 29th birthday, until I actually have one to celebrate.

Happy Birthday to me. Right...Cheers.

28 September 2013

YouTube lets Informercials in (but it's not what you think)

Apparently, YouTube has decided to allow infomercials to be played on its network -- as advertisements! Consider this advert, which appeared (and I had to suffer through) on a 3:48 video I wanted to watch. I mean, seriously, forcing me to watch a 15:30 advert in order to watch a 3:48 video?

Can we say, #EpicFail, boys and girls? :P

28 August 2013

Lowlife Jerk of the Year Award: Christina Cimino, Manassas, VA

UPDATED NOV. 10 2015: Please read the update at the end of this post,as well as the comments!

And this year's lowlife Jerk of the Year award goes to ... Christina Cimino of Manassas, Virginia.

She scammed me out of $72, with promises to pay me back. She used my stature and position as an LGBTQ rights activist to help her out. I got some of my friends and contacts in the LGBTQ community and in major LGBTQ organizations involved in an effort to help her. I feel so bad not so much that I fell victim to who I believe to be one of the worst con artists of our time but rather that I engaged a host of others in our community to provide assistance to her, as well.

I did help Christina Cimino move back to VA, half-way across country, so she could repair her life and start working for a new job.

As the attached documentation clearly show, I sent her $60 (plus $12 in MoneyGram fees that she promised to repay) that was to be repaid no later than July 11, 2013.

My attempts to get the money from her have fallen on deaf ears lately, as you can see when she stopped responding to me on Facebook.

After my last message that was sent to her, she saw the message, and then blocked me.

Here's my ENTIRE conversation with her -- any boldface or italics is something I added to highlight the text; I didn't change the text, only the formatting, to make it stand out:

And here's the receipt from MoneyGram, showing that she picked up the money and indicting it was a loan to be repaid:

UPDATE (10 November 2015): 
After being contacted by one individual as I posted about in the comment, below, I've since been put in contact with a few more individuals, all with similar stories. These individuals put me into a private group on Facebook comprising over 42 individuals who have been ripped off or victim of fraudulent activity (including identity theft) by Christina Cimino. Christina Cimino is, in my opinion, a fraudster, master scam artist, scammer, drifter, and whatever other similar adjectives you might employ to describe the atrocious activities of a person who has absolutely no regard or care for her fellow human beings.

It is my personal opinion that this person is a sociopath who uses people any which way she can. She should be locked up for her illegal and conniving behavior that has seriously injured over 42 individuals either financially, emotionally, physically, or in a combination of those -- or worse, and they should throw away the key and she should have no further contact with living beings.

Please contact me if you have been injured or are a victim of Christina Cimino or would like to participate in the Facebook group. If you are a law enforcement officer (LEO) or member of the media, I would be happy to speak with you and provide you with contact information for those individuals who are willing to speak with you.

For the record, to this day, she has made absolutely no attempt whatsoever to repay any of the money she borrowed from me with an explicit promise to repay it. I went without food for approximately five days because of her actions.

If you come across her path, I strongly urge you to avoid any and all contact with Christina Cimino as I believe her to be a sociopathic con artist who will use you in any and all ways she sees fit and then discard you after she has devastated your life in some fashion, as she has done so with more than forty individuals to date that we have found.